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NPC spokeswoman speaks on upcoming session

(Source:   2015-03-07


  About 3,000 lawmakers from across the country have arrived in the Beijing for the annual National People's Congress, which is to kick off tomorrow. Spokeswoman Fu Ying briefed the media this morning and answered questions.

  Neither stand idle, nor violate the laws.

  This is what the spokeswoman says the demand being made of China's lawmakers.

  Fu Ying cited the tough anti-corruption measures.

  39 deputies to the National People's Congress have been stripped of or resigned from their posts in the past two years.

  And Fu Ying says the battle goes beyond China's borders.

  "The main idea is to make full use of international mechanism and international law, to ensure the corrupt fugitives face justice no matter where they are," Fu said.

  Another focus is the rise of China's defense budget- by around 10% according to Fu. Last year, it was 12.2 percent.

  "China is a vast country. It needs military forces to defend its land and people. Over the past three decades, China has made remarkable achievements, not by way of flag before trade, but by cooperation based on mutual benefit or even China's concessions of profits with trade partners," Fu said.

  The public is also deeply concerned about environmental protection.

  Smog clouded a large part of China in the past year, provoking anger and dissatisfaction.

  Fu Ying says the latest environmental protection law is the country's toughest ever. And more specific laws on soil and water are being drafted.

  "After 4 rounds of readings, the NPC Standing Committee introduced the new environmental protection law.It's the toughest law of its kind. It was called a 'law with teeth'. It has zero tolerance for pollution. But strict law itself is not sufficient. We have had laws before. But the key is implementation," Fu said.

  The spokeswoman also addressed the agenda for this year's session.

  Lawmakers will hear and deliberate the government work report and examine the report on the national economic and social development plan, as well as the central and local budgets.

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