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Sino-Russian contribution to allies’ final victory in WWII should be recognized

(Source: Global Times)   2015-05-01

        Editor's Note:

        This year China and Russia will hold commemorative activities to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII. What contributions did the two countries make to victory in WWII? What is the significance of their commemorative activities? Several Chinese and Russian experts and a veteran who had participated in WWII shared their views at a video conference organized by RIA Novosti on Monday.

        Sergei Luzyanin, first deputy director of the Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

        Some Western historians have long distorted China's contribution to victory in WWII. They referred to China's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression as domestic conflicts that have little connection with the international anti-fascist campaign. But in fact, the unofficial front in China set up since 1937 tremendously contained Japan's fighting capacity and China paid an enormous price.

        Both China and Russia made huge sacrifices in WWII. The Russian Academy of Sciences will host a conference in early May as part of a series of activities that Chinese and Russian leaders will use to promote the two countries' role in countering fascism and militarism.

        Scholars from the two countries will introduce the real role of China and Russia in WWII and reveal the twisted or even false reports on the matter by Western experts, including Japanese ones. This will also demonstrate the level of the strategic partnership between China and Russia.

        Why do China and Russia choose to hold a series of commemorative activities this year? It is not only because of the 70th anniversary of WWII's end. Nowadays rightists and neo-Nazis are gaining momentum while some countries falsify history and want to achieve their geopolitical aims with the forces, making the celebrations very important.

        Chinese President Xi Jinping's attendance of Moscow Victory Day Parade on May 9 is of great significance. We understand the decision of some countries not to attend the Russian celebrations due to Washington's instruction.

        Taras Shchudlo, a veteran who participated in WWII, known as Great Patriotic War in Russia

        Apart from young and middle-aged people, nowadays even many history teachers in primary and secondary schools know little about WWII. Some countries even try to tamper with or forge history, which has enormously saddened the veterans who attended the battles. These veterans believe that the world should firmly realize the massive sacrifices China and Russia have made during WWII.

        But the justice will eventually prevail and these attempts to twist history will fail. The public will know what has happened and make their own judgment.

        Jiang Yuechun, senior research fellow and director of the Department for World Economy and Development Studies, China Institute of International Studies

        A consensus exists in the Asia-Pacific region that the contribution by China and Russia in WWII played a decisive role in safeguarding people's life and regional peace and stability, particularly in the Far East anti-fascist battlefield. However, in these globalized times, some countries even attempted to repudiate WWII history, which deserves international attention.

        The harm brought by Japanese atrocities is barely recognized in Japan due to the government's misguidance. We have to clarify that history allows neither forgetting nor repudiation.

        Besides, it's necessary for Asia-Pacific countries to cherish the current peace and keep an eye on the future development.

        In the current age, countries are highly interdependent and seek development from cooperation. In this circumstance, we should take people's wellbeing, common development and win-win cooperation as the goal. China and Russia have a history of cooperation and need to continue deepening cooperation in various sectors to make a better future.

        Both China and Soviet Union are victims of and played critical roles in WWII, which defines the significance of Xi's presence at the May 9 parade in Red Square. Moreover, given the changes to the international situation, it is also of real significance for leaders of China and Russia to meet and have talks.

Editor:Dong Zhaohui
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