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Rememberance of WWII suffering should not be clouded by politics

(Source: Xinhua)   2015-05-08

        BEIJING, May 8 (Xinhua) -- Some Western leaders may justify their absence from Russia's Victory Day celebrations by using the Crimea situation, but to do so is disrespectful to the memory of those that fell.

        In a similar way that sports have been mixed up with international politics, such as the boycott of the Sochi Olympics, we now see the legacy of World War II diluted for political ends.

        At Red Square more than 70 years ago soldiers of the former Soviet Union prepared to march to the front-line to face Nazi forces.

        While playing a vital role in defeating the Third Reich and liberating large swathes of Europe, Russia also lost tens of millions of soldiers and civilians.

        This is why Victory Day is of paramount importance in Russia: It is steeped in Russian pride. Such an honor and a sacrifice deserves commemoration by all, and should not be forgotten.

        By using this occasion to further exert pressure on Putin, some Western leaders have wandered far from what the Allied forces fought against in the war. Let us not forget this is an occasion honoring unity and peace

        Similarly, China also sustained heavy losses in WWII and the Chinese people know better than many what peace means.

        Therefore, the presence of Chinese servicemen in Russia's military parade is symbolic that the contributions of peace-loving nations should not be forgotten or undervalued.

        Recently a video went viral on Chinese social networking sites in which a Russian girl murmured "I wanna cry" after Chinese servicemen marched past the crowd singing "Katyusha", a Russian folk song about a girl whose love has left her to fight in the war.

        The spirit of victory should not be linked to geopolitical rivalry.

        Commemorating the the defeat of Fascism is the best way to better secure world peace, prevent history from repeating itself and urge aggressors to reflect on the atrocities they had committed.

        German Chancellor Angela Merkel chose to honor the millions of Russians that died as a result of Germany's aggression, although she will not attend the May 9 military parade.

        Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the victory celebrations, not just because Russia is a strategic partner and close friend, but also because China is honoring its promise to be a responsible power, its willingness to cooperate with other countries to secure world peace and stability, and to join efforts to build a community of common destiny.

        The West has so many chances to isolate Russia, but perhaps this one was ill thought out.

Editor:Dong Zhaohui
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