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Belarusian leader, scholars welcome Xi's visit

(Source: Xinhua)   2015-05-10

        MINSK, May 10 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives Sunday in Minsk, capital city of Belarus, for a three-day visit amid warm welcome and eager expectation of the Belarusian government and people.

        Belarusians from various walks of life, including the head of state, experts and scholars, pin great hopes on Xi's visit and expect the construction of China-Belarus community of common destiny.

        Minsk takes China as a reliable partner and developing relations with China has always been a strategic priority in Belarus' foreign policy, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said.

        In a recent interview with Xinhua prior to Xi's visit, Lukashenko stressed that his country's pursuit of boosting China-Belarus relations is sincere, and takes "pride in having a friend like China."

        Since the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries in1992, China and Belarus have withstood dramatic changes in international situations, Lukashenko said, noting that deepening cooperation on various fronts will benefit the two peoples and help enhance China's influence in Europe.

        Belarus stands ready to act as a valuable platform for bolstering China's Belt and Road Initiatives and take the opportunity to facilitate its economic reform, the president said.

        Vadim Gigin, vice chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, told Xinhua that Chinese president's visit is one of the most important visits by foreign leaders in Belarusian history.

        Belarus hopes Xi's visit will speed up the implementation of key cooperative projects between China and Belarus, including the Great Stone Industrial Park, Gigin said.

        China's attitude toward the Russia-proposed Eurasian Economic Union, which Gigin expected to be discussed by the two leaders, is important for Belarus.

        Gigin said China's attitude is important for Belarus, adding that to engage in active cooperations with China can help the country cope with the negative impacts of the global and regional economy.

        Naum Galperovich, director of Belarus Radio Station, said that since China is a very important country in today's world, its leader's visit to Belarus makes the Belarusian people feel respected.

        Galperovich, a 67-year-old man, has grown a strong attachment to China: he translated poems of Du Fu, a famous poet of China's Tang Dynasty, and the contemporary poet Ai Qing's works into Belarusian, and initiated Chinese language broadcasting program at the national radio station. His daughter has been working in China Radio International for five years.

        "I have been to China twice...many Chinese commodities are world-class, I myself use many Chinese products," he said, showing his Chinese brand mobile phone.

        Vyacheslav Leonov, director of China-Belarus Innovation Center, said that Chinese president's visit demonstrates that China has placed Belarus at an important position in its foreign policy.

        Leonov, also a member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, has been to China for more than 20 times since his first visit in 2004.

        He said Chinese people have a lot of similarities with the Belarusians as both of them are kind, humorous and peace-loving.

        "I have been following news on China...the 'Chinese Dream' proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping sets the great task of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation," Leonov said.

        In addition, Leonov also mentioned that the two countries have progressed substantially on the cooperations of science and technology, such as manufacturing aerospace materials.

        "We feel China's support to us on the international arena, which is important to a small country like Belarus, we are ready to open our heart to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping," he said.

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