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China-Russia naval drill symbol of deepening cooperation

(Source: Xinhua)   2015-05-12

  The upcoming China-Russia joint naval drills, slated for May 11 to 21 in the Mediterranean Sea, signal deepening relations and cooperation between the two countries.

  Nine surface ships from both navies will be involved in the "Joint Sea-2015" drills, the fourth since joint China-Russia sea drills began in 2012.

  A focus on maritime defense, replenishment and escorting will hone security capabilities on both sides.

  According to Defense Ministry spokesperson Geng Yansheng, the drills will deepen friendly and practical cooperation, and boost response operation capabilities in the event of security threats at sea.

  Both sides have unequivocally stated that the upcoming operation will not target any third party.

  China and Russia have been working to strengthen the interaction and exchanges between the two countries' armed forces in recent years.

  In addition to the annual naval drills, the two countries also conducted anti-terror drills and joint multilateral exercises under the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) framework.

  As military ties are representative of state-to-state relations, military cooperation between China and Russia also symbolizes growing mutual trust, and is an important component of a comprehensive strategic partnership.

  Prior to the drills, Chinese President Xi Jinping joined his Russian host, Vladimir Putin, at the grand Victory Day parade in Moscow.

  China's guards of honor, consisting of 102 members, joined the parade and marched through the Red Square.

  The two countries plan to hold more celebrations this year to remember the victory of World War II, honor those that have fallen in war and promote communication.

  These moves also clearly demonstrate that both countries will work with each other to safeguard peace and post-war international order.

  To those suspicious of such cooperation, the upcoming drills will go someway to prove how closer China-Russia relations can contribute to a better world.

Editor:Zhang Tao
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