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China's warships arrive in Russia for Joint Sea-2015 (II) military exercise

(Source: China Military Online)   2015-08-21

  VLADIVOSTOK, August 21 (ChinaMil) -- The Chinese naval taskforce that participates in the China-Russia "Maritime Joint-2015 (II)" military exercise arrived at the naval port in Vladivostok, Russia on the morning of August 20, 2015 after five-day continuous navigation.

  The Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy held a welcome ceremony at Wharf No. 33 for the Chinese warships.

  When the Chinese naval taskforce arrived in the waters near Ostry Cape, the guided-missile destroyer Shenyang fired a salute of 21 guns, and the Russian side returned a salute of 21 guns.

  Wang Hai, deputy commander of the PLA Navy, and Alexander Fedotenkov, deputy commander of the Russian Navy, delivered speeches at the naval port in Vladivostok separately. They jointly pointed out that the Chinese and Russian navies have conducted the maritime joint military exercises twice since the beginning of this year, indicating that the maritime military cooperation between China and Russia has climbed to a new level.

  Wang Hai said that the maritime joint military exercises conducted in the Mediterranean Sea in the first half of this year have shown the world the military cooperation capability of the Chinese and Russian navies to jointly safeguard their maritime strategic interests, as well as the navies' quick-reaction and joint operation capabilities in interest-related open sea areas.

  Taking "joint protection of sea routes and joint landing operations" as the subjects, this "Maritime Joint-2015 (Ⅱ)" exercise has been deepened and expanded based on the joint military exercise in the Mediterranean Sea.

  Wang Hai said that during the exercise, both sides will organize naval and air forces for joint operations, three-dimensional landing operations, attack and defense operations between warships, warships and aircraft, warships and submarines. The comprehensive, joint and realistic nature of the exercise will be significantly enhanced, which will definitely increase the navies' capability in joint actions and joint response to security threats, Wang Hai added.

  The Chinese and Russian navies have conducted joint military exercises for 5 times since 2012. Wang Hai said that the purpose of this exercise is to consolidate and develop the comprehensive strategic cooperation and partnership between China and Russia, deepen the friendly mil-to-mil pragmatic cooperation, and increase the capability of the navies to jointly respond to maritime security threats and defend the harmonious and peaceful ocean.

  Vice Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov said that the Chinese and Russian navies have always been able to showcase a high professional level and to exchange experience with each other.

  The China-Russia joint exercise in the Mediterranean Sea in May this year reached a high command and coordination level in the first stage. For the second stage of the exercise, both sides will mobilize 22 warships, 20 aircraft, more than 500 members of marine corps and 40 amphibious vehicles, and plan to conduct such subjects as three-dimensional landing, in a bid to increase their coordinated combat capability to perform diversified military missions in each field, Vice Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov added.

  The "Maritime Joint-2015 (Ⅱ)" exercise is to be conducted from August 20 to 28, 2015. The Chinese participating naval taskforce set sail from Qingdao on August 15, and successfully arrived at Port of Vladivostok on the morning of August 20.

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