Chinese, Russian navies complete 9-day joint exercise, hold parade Aerial refueling during V-day parade to show Chinese combat ability China, U.S. vow closer military cooperation U.S. media pays close attention to China-Russia joint maritime exercise
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Chinese, Russian navies complete 9-day joint exercise, hold parade

(Source: Xinhua)   2015-08-29

  BEIJING, August 29 (Xinhuanet) -- The Chinese and Russian navies completed a nine-day joint exercise in Peter the Great Gulf, waters off the Clerk Cape and the Sea of Japan on Friday, and then held a joint naval military parade.

  "The drill not only meets the preset targets of consolidating the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership, deepening pragmatic cooperation and improving the joint response to security threats at sea, but also demonstrates the expansive space, potential and future for China-Russia military cooperation at sea," said WangHai, deputy commander of the Chinese navy and also the director of the drill from the Chinese side.

  The success of the drill is another step toward making China-Russia joint sea drills more regular and more like real battle scenarios, Wang said. The two have held five joint naval exercises since 2005.

  The Chinese and Russian navies share the goal of keeping the world's seas safe and stable, said Aleksandr Fedotenkov, deputy commander of the Russian navy and also the Russian director of the drill.

  The navies must maintain close cooperation so as to deal with new challenges and new threats at sea, he said.

  The China-Russia Joint Sea-2015 (II) exercise from Aug 20 to 28 involved more than 20 vessels, dozens of pieces of amphibious equipment and more than 400 marines, who completed joint beach landings, anti-submarine combat and air defense among other exercises.

  Liu Xueda has been working on the destroyer Shenyang for seven years and participated in China-Russia drills in 2013 and 2014.

  "Such drills help us keep vigilant and always prepared for wars," Liu said.

  Participants in the joint naval parade at the conclusion of the drills included the Chinese Shenyang and Taizhou, frigates Linyi and Hengyang, landing craft Changbaishan and Yunwushan and supply ship Taihu. The Russian flotilla included the cruiser Varyag, the destroyer Bystriy, the landing ship Peresvet, the anti-submarine ships Marshal Shaposhnikov and Metel, and a missile vessel.

  "Chinese and Russian soldiers won victory in World War II 70 years ago by joining hands, and I'm confident that we can jointly maintain regional peace and stability and deal with security threats at sea today," said Wang, the deputy commander.

  The Chinese air force also participated in the drill with two J-10 and two JH-7A fighters.

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