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  NPC & CPPCC Annual Sessions 2009
  Marking 30th Anniversary of Reform in China
  China-India Joint Anti-Terrorism Training
  Shenzhou Ⅶ
  "Sharpening 2008" Exercise
  Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games
  Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
  Military Support in Beijing Olympic Games
  Chinese Military Athletes in Beijing Olympics
  Photo Gallery of Beijing Olympics
  Security Troops for Beijing Olympics
  Chinese Soldiers Greeting Beijing Olympic Games
  Reconstruction After Earthquake
  APF in Anti-drug Campaign
  From PLA Headquarters for Earthquake Rescue and Relief
  China's War on Strong Earthquake
  President Hu Jintao Visits Japan
  NPC & CPPCC Annual Sessions 2008
  Chinese servicemen in fight against snow chaos
  China-Related Joint Military Exercises in 2007
Sino-Indian Joint Anti-Terror Training PLA Warship's Landmark Visit To Japan
“Iron Fist 2007” Military Exercise The 17th National Congress of CPC
Peace Mission 2007 80th Anniversary of founding of PLA
07 Style Military Uniforms of PLA 10th Anniversary of HK's Return to China
NPC&CPPCCSessions2007 China,USStageSearch-and-RescueExercise
Peaceful Development and Security in the Asia-Pacific Region China-TajikistanJointAnti-terrorExercises
ForeignMilitaryAttachesVisitTibet PLANavyShipsVisitUSA,CanadaandPhilippines
Marking70thAnniversaryofVictoryofRedArmy'sLongMarch ChineseUNObserverDuZhaoyu
GuoBoxiongVisitsUSAandFrance NPC&CPPCCSessions2006
ShenzhouVI China—RussiaJointMilitaryExercises
60th Anniversary of Victory in War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression GreatVoyagesPeaceEnvoy
TaiwanPartyLeadersVisitMainland Anti-SecessionLaw
NPC&CPPCCSessions2005 Marking100thAnniversaryofDengXiaoping'sBirth 
Six-partyTalks TaiwanQuestion
Joint Anti-Terrorism Exercises China'sPeacekeeping
StudyJiangZemin'sThinkingonNationalDefenseandArmyBuilding Study and Implement the“Three Represents”
Iraqi War NPC&CPPCC Sessions 2003
SARS Soldier's View of World
SHENZHOU Ⅴ Foreign Servicemen Visiting China
Mao Zedong Great Forever NPC&CPPCC Sessions 2004
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