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BEIJING, April 20 (ChinaMil)-- April 23 is the 67th founding anniversary of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy, and the PLA Navy will celebrate its founding anniversary this year in the theme of "Sailors on Yongxing Island". The PLA Navy not only has guarded and constructed the beautiful Yongxing Island, but also protected the islands and reefs in the South China Sea.

Readers have many questions about the Yongxing Island. What kind of island is it? Is it militarized? What do the Chinese troops stationed on the island look like? Are the military deployments on the Yongxing Island necessary? With these questions in mind, our journalist Guo Yuandan recently went to the Xisha Islands to find out a true Yongxing Island.

Civil-military airport is designed for rainwater purification

As the largest one of the Xisha Islands, the Yongxing Island is where the Sansha government founded in 2012 was located. It was about 180 nautical miles from Hainan's Sanya City to this island.

At 6:00 pm on April 11, the journalist set out from a military port in Sanya on a naval transport vessel and arrived at the Yongxing Island the next morning after over 12 hours of high-speed sailing.

Following local residents' instructions, the journalist came to the airport that was being constructed and improved. It was an airport that served for both military and civil purposes and its integrated use was reflected in the design.

Fresh water is scarce on the island, so the runway and tarmac of the airport on the Yongxing island is designed with a 5‰ decline in order to collect rainwater, which is then treated professionally by the naval troops. The treated rainwater reaches national standard for drinking water without adding any medicine and is used by island residents.

People who live on the Yongxing Island include employees in Sansha government, naval troops and armed police stationed on the island, fishermen, construction workers and some tourists. The island has everything that is needed for one’s life, including municipal government, ICBC outlets, post offices, schools, residential community committees, and even homeless dogs and WIFI.

Xisha hotel, the only hotel on the Yongxing Island

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