Feature: Tell you a true Yongxing Island

China Military Online
Zhang Tao

The picture shows a scene of Beijing Road on the Yongxing Island.

The picture shows a scene of a Japanese blockhouse during WWII.

Only when we are able to win it can we stop war

On February 17 this year, American media reported that China had deployed eight HQ-9 surface-to-air missiles and radars on the Yongxing Island of the Xisha Islands in South China Sea.

When answering reporters' questions, the Information Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense (MND) made the following statement: "China's deployments for maritime and air defense on relevant islands and reefs have existed for many years. Certain western media's hype of this topic is just playing the old tune of 'China Threat Theory'."

This official statement from the country’s perspective is succinct, explicit and highly policy-oriented, and people on tje Yongxing Island can have a more deep and strong feeling on it.

In the military museum of the stationing troops, a historical profile of the Xisha Islands that stands at the entry records how the islands were occupied by France, Japan and Vietnam successively in history. In January 1974, the PLA Navy, in accordance with the order of China’s Central Military Commission, launched the counterattack in self-defense of the Xisha Islands and recovered the occupied islands from Vietnamese aggressors.

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