Feature: Tell you a true Yongxing Island

China Military Online
Zhang Tao

The picture shows a scene of the Monument of Navy Recovering Xisha Islands.

A "Monument of Navy Recovering Xisha Islands" is standing on the Yongxing Island. One side of the monument is inscribed with "Barrier of South China Sea" and the other side with "Monument of Navy Recovering Xisha Islands established on November 24 of the 35th year of the Republic of China".

After Japan announced unconditional surrender in WWII, the Chinese government, according to Cairo Declaration and Potsdam Proclamation, organized a naval fleet to help Guangdong recover the Xisha Islands and the South China Sea islands.

The Yongxing Island presented to us a picture of profound connotations, including "history and present, war and peace, and only when we are able to win it can we stop war". Standing here, I was able to better understand what the MND spokesperson said: "the Xisha Islands are inherent territory of China. China has the lawful rights to deploy defense facilities within its territory in order to safeguard its territorial sovereignty and security."

Recently the U.S. has patrolled the South China Sea with unclear intentions in the name of the so-called "freedom of navigation" and held large-scale joint military exercises with certain countries to aggravate regional tension.

A soldier on the island said that the peace and tranquility of the Xisha Islands was disturbed by the increasing foreign vessels.

According to Jin Lei, who was often on duty for war preparedness, they were very nervous when they were on duty because emergencies took place frequently, but Jin Lei is much more confident now than previous years because he has gained more experience, and more importantly, China's national and military strength has been continuously enhanced.

Jin told the journalist: "we are more confident now. Our speed boats have been replaced by new-type guided-missile speed boats and frigates, and our air forces have been enhanced too."


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