China to start military recruitment of 2016

China Military Online
Yao Jianing

BEIJING, July 26 (ChinaMil) -- The national video and telephone conference on military recruitment was held in Beijing on July 25 to make arrangements for the military recruitment work of 2016.

This year’s military recruitment work will start from August 1 and end on September 30, and the conscription of college students will start in advance according to requirements.

The recruitment targets young people educated to the high school level (including vocational high school, secondary specialized school and technical school) or above. It attaches importance to recruitment of college students, and priorities will be given to young people with higher education background and fresh graduates.

In municipalities directly under the Central Government, provincial capitals and cities with a number of colleges and universities, all the new recruits should be educated to high school level or above.

As for female candidates, they shall be fresh graduates from high school, or full-time students or fresh graduates from colleges and universities.

Young people who have received university admissions, who are studying in colleges and universities, or who are working in government institutions, organizations, enterprises and private institutions with college degree or above, are also encouraged to join the army.

Priorities will be given to those with outstanding performance in disaster relief and post-disaster recovery and reconstruction. Descendants of martyrs or descendants of soldiers who died for the country's sake, enjoy the privilege in the approval process. The military is inclined to recruit more descendants of former Red Army soldiers and veterans in old revolutionary base areas.

The eligible age for male candidates is from 18 to 22. But for college graduates, it can be extended to 24. Young men with junior high school education shall be less than 20 years old. Female candidates are also required to be 18-22 years old. High school graduates aged 17 or above can also join the army. Applicants can visit to apply online before August 5.

The conference stressed to increase recruitment efforts on campus by establishing recruitment stations in universities and colleges. The recruitment tasks were also assigned to universities and colleges to ensure the improvement of the new recruits in terms of quantity and quality.

Sheng Bin, director of National Defense Mobilization Department of China’s Central Military Commission (CMC) and Peng Shujie, deputy secretary-general of the State Council attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

Zhu Shengling, political commissar of the CMC National Defense Mobilization Department, announced orders of 2016 conscription issued by the State Council and the CMC.

Leaders from central government departments and related departments of the CMC attended the conference at the main venue. Leaders in charge of conscription work in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, as well as military officials at corps level and above attended the conference via video and telephone.


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