Eagle hunting from the tree top

Zhang Tao

Shi Xiaofeng is the youngest second grade test pilot in the squadron. (Photo by Chen Liubin/chinadaily.com.cn)

Milestones of PLA Aviation Test Flight Squadron

2001: Squadron establishment

2003: Successful maiden flight of Z-10 prototype

2007: Z-11 demonstration and evaluation flight in Argentina, breaking records in maximum load, ceiling, and high spot landing.

2008: Z-8 helicopter unlimited distance test flight, provided reliable indexes to disaster relief helicopters passing through mountains and canyons in Wenchuan earthquake stricken areas in South China's Sichuan province and strongly supported the disaster relief work.

2013: Z-9 electric transmission control system demonstration and testified flight marked the primary application of electric transmission on Chinese-made helicopters.

2014: Two gunship models operational effectiveness test in plateaus, filling the blanks in that area.

2015: The squadron successfully conducted the national flag and army flag hanging test flight for the V-Day parade on Sept 3.

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