Reporters from Asian and African nations visit Peacekeeping Center in Beijing

China Military Online
Huang Panyue

BEIJING Aug. 23 (ChinaMil) -- A group of foreign reporters in China visited the Peacekeeping Center of China's Defense Ministry on Monday at the invitation of the Information Bureau and the Peacekeeping Affairs Office of the Ministry.

Among the 34 reporters, twenty-eight of them are from twenty-seven African countries and the other six are from four South Asian countries, who are attending the press corps programs sponsored by the China-Africa Press Center and the China-South Asia Press Center respectively.

In the Peacekeeping Center, the reporters saw short films on Chinese military’s participation in United Nations peacekeeping operations, watched a display of peacekeeping equipment, visited training facilities of peacekeeping-related operations including video communication, mine identification and field first-aid. They also toured the simulated camp zone of peacekeeping troops.

Officials of the Peacekeeping Center made a comprehensive introduction to the reporters on Chinese military’s participation in the UN peacekeeping operations and the Center’s development, and answered questions raised by the reporters. Established in June 2009, the Peacekeeping Center under China's Defense Ministry mainly performs such functions as opening intermediate and advanced training courses, carrying out international exchange and cooperation, and conducting theoretical research. It is a UN-designated core peacekeeping training institution in the world.

To date, the Peacekeeping Center has held more than 80 peacekeeping training courses of various kinds either independently or jointly with the UN and relevant countries. The total trainees have exceeded four thousand. It also maintains exchange and cooperative relations with over 80 countries and more than a dozen of international and regional organizations. In addition, the Peacekeeping Center has held a bundle of high level international peacekeeping seminars in cooperation with the UN and relevant countries.


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