Chinese peacekeeping force to S. Sudan passes UN combat-readiness assessment

China Military Online
Huang Panyue

Members of the UNMISS combat-readiness assessment team inspect the cultural and sports facilities of the 14th Chinese peacekeeping engineers detachment in South Sudan on August 22, 2016. ( Zhang Ruochen)

WAU, South Sudan, Aug. 24 (ChinaMil) -- A six-member assessment team from the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Force Headquarters made a combat-readiness assessment on the 14th Chinese peacekeeping engineers detachment to South Sudan on August 22, local time.

The members of the team are all staff officers of peacekeeping forces from countries including Fiji, Nepal and Cambodia.

The Chinese detachment passed the assessment with straight A's in all the assessment items.

The UN combat-readiness assessment contains more than 90 items in eight categories including military task accomplishment, emergency rescue, handling of dangerous situations, software and documents, logistic supplies, communication and intelligence, cultural and sports facilities, as well as food and medicine supplies.


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