Defense Ministry Holds News Conference on Joint Logistic Support System Reform

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Zhang Tao

Senior Colonel Yang Yujun, defense spokesman and director of the Information Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense (MND) of the People's Republic of China (PRC), answers questions from reporters during a news conference on Sept.13, 2016. ( Li Xiaowei)

BEIJING, September 14 (ChinaMil) -- China established the Joint Logistic Support Force of the Central Military Commission (CMC) in Beijing on September 13, 2016.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), conferred military flags at the establishment ceremony to the Joint Logistic Support Force and gave an exhortation.

The setup of the CMC Joint Logistic Support Force marks the official establishment of a modern joint logistic support system with Chinese military characteristics. Now, I'd like to answer questions from reporters regarding the reform of joint logistic support system.

Question: What kind of force is the CMC Joint Logistic Support Force?

Answer: This reform adapts to the new leading and commanding system of China's military. We established the Joint Logistic Support Force directly under the CMC, consisting of the Wuhan Joint Logistic Support Base and five joint logistic support centers, namely Wuxi Joint Logistic Support Center, Guilin Joint Logistic Support Center, Xining Joint Logistic Support Center, Shenyang Joint Logistic Support Center and Zhengzhou Joint Logistic Support Center.

We will speed up our military construction according to the requirements of joint operations, joint training and joint support, so as to build a strong and modern joint logistic support force.

Question: Why is it necessary to implement reform on joint logistic support system?

Answer: The joint logistic support system reform is an important content in deepening national defense and military reform and is the core of logistic support system reform.

It is a remodeling and reconstruction of logistic support system, and is of great and far-reaching significance to building Chinese military into a world first-class military and wining modern regional wars.

Question: What principles does this joint logistic support system reform follow?

Answer: This reform mainly follows the following principles:

First, establish a smooth and effective joint logistic organization and system;

Second, stick to the joint combat, joint training and joint support, and combination of peacetime and wartime, strengthen the centralized and unified command by the Joint Operational Commanding Centers of the CMC and Theater Commands, and enhance the pertinence and timeliness of joint support;

Third, adhere to the principles of "integrating those can be integrated and differentiating those have to be differentiated", optimize the resource allocation and adjust the task allocation, so as to form the support pattern of "Special-purpose materials and equipment be supported by arms and services themselves, General-purpose materials and equipment be supported by joint logistic support force";

Fourth, stick to the path of civil-military integration, push forward the outsourced and intensive support, streamline logistic support units and personnel, and improve the overall efficiency of joint logistic support.

Question: What are the goals and tasks of the joint logistic support system reform?

Answer: Following the decision and intention of President Xi, the CPC Central Committee and CMC to deepen national defense and military reform and adapting to the reform of leading and commanding system, and according to the leading principle of "CMC takes charge of the overall administration of China's armed forces, Theater Commands focus on combats, and different military services pursue their own construction", we aim to reform the support pattern, adjust force allocation and streamline command relations, so as to build a logistic support system with joint logistic support force as the backbone, military services as the complement, integration of centralized and decentralized logistic support, and two support lines including generalization and specialization.

Question: Are there any important military reforms in the near future?

Answer: We will release relevant information in accordance with the reform procedures.


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