Chinese peacekeepers shine in Congo (K)

China Military
Zhang Tao

The picture shows that Chinese peacekeeper Wang Bin teaches local children to speak Chinese. The Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment takes every opportunity to disseminate Chinese culture and consolidate the China-Congo (K) friendship. (Chinamil/Li Zike)

It was September 24, local time, three days before the departure of the 19th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment, Lt. Gen. Santos Cruz, commander of the MONUSCO, came to see off the Chinese peacekeepers in person.

While, Cruz emotively said to the Chinese peacekeepers that “You always complete your missions with perfect results, and I am proud of being the commander of such a excellent force as the Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment.” Many local people are also proud of having the Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment as their neighbors.

Among them, a child named Frank John once drew a painting to express his gratitude to the Chinese peacekeepers.

In the painting, a Chinese peacekeeper dressed in camouflage uniform is looking in a telescope with two doves of peace flying beside him. John said that it was the Chinese peacekeepers who reached the scene soon after mountain torrents damaged a road to their school.

The peacekeepers used a fallen tree to build a simple bridge and then repaired the road, John said.

These seemingly tireless Chinese elder brothers worked very hard, and they had their lunch just at the road-repairing site, John continued.

The Chinese peacekeepers taught local kids to speak Chinese when having a rest, and they liked the Chinese soldiers very much, he added. On September 25, local time, members of the 19th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment visited the SOS children’s village together with those of the 20th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment.

They brought some food and stationeries to the children living in the village and held a handover ceremony. During the visit, the Chinese peacekeepers played games with the children and taught them to speak Chinese.

When learning that it was their last time to see the members of the 19th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment, who had accompanied them in the past one year, these children with tears in their eyes held the Chinese peacekeepers and said that “Chinese dads and moms, I love you,” and the Chinese peacekeepers could not hold back their tears.

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