Chinese military doctors treat injured Indian merchant seaman

China Military
Huang Panyue

Doctors from the Chinese naval frigate Handan perform a surgical operation on an Indian sailor with an eye injury on the Indian merchant ship JAG LATEEF on Oct. 15, 2016, local time, in the Gulf of Aden. ( Zhu Yuhan)
GULG OF AFEN, Oct. 17 (ChinaMil) -- On October 15, local time, the guided-missile frigate Handan of the 24th Chinese naval escort taskforce received an e-mail for help sent from an Indian merchant ship named JAG LATEEF, one of the merchant ships under the escort of the frigate Handan. According to the e-mail, a sailor on the ship had a foreign matter in his right eye, and his conditions was very serious, because the JAG LATEEF was scheduled to arrive at the next port 10 days later, it asked whether the Chinese frigate would offer medical assistance.

With the approval of the command post of the taskforce, a team of doctors reached out from the frigate Handan on board a speedboat and stepped onto the Indian merchant ship at 12:45. They immediately met the injured seaman with a red, swollen and painful right eye. According to the preliminary diagnosis, the foreign matter in his right eye was a 10-milimeter-long piece of rusty iron. and the foreign matter’s one end with a length of about 0.5 millimeter was left on the corneal surface.

A speedboat carrying military doctors from the Chinese guided-missile frigate Handan heads for the Indian merchant ship JAG LATEEF on Oct. 15, 2016, local time, in the Gulf of Aden. ( Zhu Yuhan)

After getting the confirmation with signatures of the Captain of the JAG LATEEF and the injured Indian seaman himself, the Chinese doctors wasted no time to start the surgical operation.

At 14:15, the foreign matter was taken out from the right eye of the injured seaman. Before leaving the JAG LATEEF, the Chinese doctors presented him medicines for the following anti-inflammatory treatment.

The captain of the Handan received a phone call later from the captain of the JAG LATEEF. He thanked the Chinese naval frigate for its timely medical assistance.

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