Military Unmanned Ground System Challenge wraps up in Beijing

China Military
Zhang Tao

A non-biomimetic platform system rumbles in complex terrain. ( Yongjin)

BEIJING, Oct. 19 (ChinaMil) -- The Unmanned Ground System Challenge, code-named "Conquer Obstacle - 2016" and sponsored by the Equipment Department of the PLA Army, concluded in Beijing on October 18.

It is briefed that a total of 73 teams from 44 military and civilian universities, institutions and private companies including the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), the Academy of Armored Forces Engineering of PLA, the Beijing Institute of Technology and the China North Industries Group Corporation attended the preliminary contest of the Challenge held in Tahe of north China's Heilongjiang Province from September 6 to 13, with 22 of them advancing to the final.

The final of the Challenge, held in realistic field environment, included wild battlefield task execution, urban battlefield search and reconnaissance, and mountain transportation, with teams divided into five groups based on platform, tonnage, function and structure.

After more than a month of competition, five teams from the PLA Military Transportation University, the Sunward Equipment Group and other units won championships in their respective groups.

It is learnt that the Challenge has built a exchange platform for the civil-military development of China's unmanned ground system. Next, the relevant departments of the PLA Army will fully mobilize the advantages of all sectors of the society to participate in R&D and equipment technology innovation, and constantly strengthen the combination of demand and technology in order to provide strong support for building a powerful modern military.

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