Indian media: India-China hold joint army exercise on disaster relief in Kashmir

Hindustan Times
Zhang Tao

BEIJING, October 21 (ChinaMil) -- India and China carried out a joint army exercise for the first time in Ladakh in the Indian-controlled Kashmir on October 19, Indian media have reported in succession.

During the one-day exercise on humanitarian aid and disaster relief (HADR), a fictitious situation of earthquake striking an Indian border village was emulated.

The joint exercise was "a move that comes amid hectic diplomatic manoeuvring between the two countries over a host of issues like nuclear suppliers group and designation of Masood Azhar as a terrorist by the UN", Hindustan Times said.

"This was done as a sequel to the first joint exercise held on February 6 in the border area between India and China. Sources said that in February, the exercise was held in the Chinese side and this time in the Indian side along the line of Actual Control", Hindustan Times introduced.

The exercise was a great success and has not only refined the drills to provide succor to the border population in case of natural calamity, but has also increased the level of trust and cooperation between the two border guarding forces in Ladakh area, the Indian Army said in a statement.

"After that, this year’s edition of ‘Hand in Hand’ series of the India-China joint exercises will be held at Aundh, near Pune in Maharashtra, from November 15 to 27", Indian Express reported on October 20.


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