PLA's logistics chief visits participants of China-Germany joint medical exercise

China Military

CHONGQING, Oct. 25 (ChinaMil) -- The integrated training of China-Germany joint medical military exercise, the Combined Aid-2016 CHN-DEU Medical LIVEX, was completed on October 22, and desktop maneuvers and joint actual-troop operations will be carried out soon.

General Zhao Keshi, member of China's Central Military Commission (CMC) and director of the Logistics Support Department under CMC, made an on-site observation of the integrated training and visited participating soldiers from both countries.

Gen. Zhao said that the joint exercise is also a major military diplomatic event for the PLA. Through the joint exercise and training, the medical troops of the PLA should strengthen exchange and cooperation with foreign militaries to perfect the procedures and standards for combat wound rescue and treatment, he added.

According to the schedule of the joint exercise, drills including joint medical aid commanding coordination, medical aid for the injured and sick in earthquake, evacuation and transportation of the wounded, epidemic prevention in disaster areas and self-support of medical service detachment in overseas operations will be conducted one by one.



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