PLA Navy training ship Zhenghe embarks on far-sea voyage

China Military
Yao Jianing

DALIAN, October 25 (ChinaMil) -- The training ship Zhenghe of the PLA Navy weighed anchor at the Lvshun Port, northeast China's Liaoning Province, on October 24 and embarked on a 68-day far-sea voyage for training and friendly visits to three countries.

The ship, carrying 300-plus officers, soldiers and trainees led by Yan Zhengming, president of the Dalian Naval Academy of the PLA Navy, will head for the waters and ports of Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand for training and friendly visits.

The 169 onboard trainees are from four colleges of the PLA Navy respectively, namely Dalian Naval Academy, Naval University of Engineering, Naval Aeronautical and Astronautical University and Bengbu Naval School for Non-commissioned Officers, including 17 female trainees.

Several foreign trainees will join the taskforce during the voyage to receive training together. As a "floating territory of the country", Zhenghe ship will send Chinese people’s friendly greetings to the people of the visited countries to deepen the friendship and display the new image of the constantly-developing Chinese Navy.

The Zhenghe ship is named after Zheng He, a great navigator in China's history. The ship is the first far-sea navigation and training ship independently designed and manufactured by China.

Since its launch nearly 30 years ago, Zhenghe ship has been to the waters and ports of 28 countries in its 13 voyages, carrying the envoys of friendship from Chinese naval colleges and universities. Its voyage range has added up to more than 380,000 nautical miles, equal to sailing around the world for nearly 18 times.

It tops other Chinese naval ships in terms of voyage range by a single ship, number of overseas visits, number of sea areas and ports passed and number of trainees for far-sea training, and is hailed as the "No. 1 Ship among Chinese Naval Schools".

Ding Haichun, deputy political commissar of the Chinese PLA Navy, leaders from related military and local departments as well as officers and soldiers of the PLA Navy saw the ship off at the pier.

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