China, Pakistan hold joint anti-terrorism training

China Military
Yao Jianing

BEIJING, October 25 (ChinaMil) -- The "Friendship-2016" joint anti-terrorism training of the Chinese and Pakistani armies was held at Pakistani national anti-terrorism training center on October 18.

Each side assigned 120 soldiers to participate in the training. The Chinese team was composed by the commandos of a special operations brigade of the PLA 21st Group Army, and the Pakistani team was comprised of the SSG commandos of a special operations brigade.

This was the sixth "Friendship" joint anti-terrorism training between the special operations forces of China and Pakistan. Focused on "anti-terrorism combat by special operations units in mountains and urban residential areas", the training was aimed at exchanging anti-terrorism skills and tactics and sharing experience in the building, training and real combat of the special operations forces.

The participants will have a 15-day joint training exercise with three stages, namely, skill and commanding training, tactical training and comprehensive exercise, which cover such subjects as organization and coordination, tactical rock climbing, close combat skills, firing of multiple weapons, search and removal of explosives, battlefield reconnaissance, maneuver and penetration, search and capture, ambush and anti-ambush, encounter and separation.

The two sides will also spend a day on actual-troop live-ammunition comprehensive exercises with a view to improving the soldiers' tactical and real combat capability, enriching the pragmatic training cooperation between the two militaries, and deepening their traditional friendship.

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