China-Germany joint military medical exercise wraps up

China Military
Yao Jianing

CHONGQING, October 26 (ChinaMil) -- The China-Germany joint military medical exercise, code-named "Combined Aid-2016", concluded in Chongqing, China, on October 25.

Li Qingjie, head of the Health Bureau of the Logistic Support Department under China’s Central Military Commission (CMC), said that the exercise indicated a new level and height of the medical cooperation between Chinese and German militaries.

At the press conference after the closing ceremony, Li said that against the background of world peace and development, China and Germany and their militaries have carried out frequent high-level exchanges and pragmatic cooperation, and formed multi-layered, all-round and routine exchange mechanisms.

The friendly relations between the two countries and militaries has laid a solid foundation for their military medical cooperation, and the exercise has contributed a lot to bilateral military collaboration and diplomatic ties, Li said.

This is the first joint military medical exercise between the Chinese military and a European one. Li Qingjie spoke highly of the joint planning, command, rescue and treatment and support conducted by the two sides that yielded great results, and commented highly on the professional performance and capability of the service members from both countries.

The exercise displayed the characteristics of joint operations, real combat and innovation and achieved the goal of mutual learning and common improvement, he added.

"The exercise symbolizes the friendship between the two militaries and crystallizes our friendly cooperation. It is a milestone that marked the new level and height of China-German military medical cooperation," said Li.

Michael Tempel, inspector of the Joint Medical Service of the Bundeswehr, Germany's unified armed forces, said the two teams spoke the same "working language" in terms of professional operation. They were both familiar with what they were doing and had a common goal, so they were able to present high training performance during the exercise.

He added that the professionalism and dedication of the Chinese service members was worth admiration and learning from. "Such a fine work style is a good foundation for our cooperation in the future."

The Chinese and German medical teams carried out integrated training, desktop deduction, actual-troop exercise, exercise observation, focused on such subjects as earthquake first aid, mass treatment, medical airlift, epidemic prevention and elimination, joint command, and self-protection. The exercise was aimed to improve their capability of emergency medical aid and coordination.

The two sides also had friendly basketball games, welcome gala and food cultural exchange to deepen mutual understanding and friendship.

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