China commissions a new guided-missile frigate

China Military
Yao Jianing

The picture shows the newly commissioned guided-missile frigate Ningde (Hull 510). ( Nie Xiaolong)

XIAMEN, Dec. 30 (ChinaMil) -- The East China Sea Fleet of the Chinese PLA Navy held a commissioning ceremony for the new type guided-missile frigate Ningde (Hull 510) at a naval port in Xiamen, southeast China’s Fujian Province, on Dec. 28.

Zhai Yongyuan, political commissar of a military base under the East China Sea Fleet, attended the ceremony and presented the navy ensign and naming certificate to the new frigate.

The Ningde warship is a new type guided-missile frigate developed and built by China independently. It is equipped with various kinds of weapons and equipment and has excellent stealth performance, high electromagnetic compatibility and widespread application of advanced technologies.

It will mainly conduct such missions as patrol, guard, escort, anti-submarine warfare and maritime combat after its commissioning.

The guided-missile frigate Ningde was named after Ningde City, southeast China’s Fujian Province.


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