New minesweeper Donggang joins PLA Navy

China Military
Huang Panyue

Sailors aboard the newly-commissioned minesweeper Donggang (814) during the commission ceremony at a military port in Dalian, China's Liaoning Province on December 29, 2016. ( Guo Jinhui)

DALIAN, Dec. 30 (ChinaMil) -- The North China Sea Fleet of the Chinese PLA Navy has embraced a new minesweeper Donggang (Hull No. 814). A ceremony marking the commission of the new minesweeper was held at a naval port in Dalian, China's Liaoning province on Thursday morning.

The Donggang is developed and built by China independently. Its full-load displacement reaches 600 tons. As the mother ship, it has three remote control mine hunters with a displacement of 100 tons each.

The Donggang possesses advanced mine hunting system and mine-clearing equipment, and the remote control mine hunters are equipped with multi-type minesweeping tools.

Apart from mine array surveillance and mine obstacle clearing, the Donggang is also able to undertake some auxiliary tasks such as seabed exploration, waterway detection, coast patrol, and escorting.

The minesweeper is named after the Donggang City, a county-level coastal city in southeast Liaoning province.

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