Su-35 intended to be last type of imported fighter

People's Daily Online
Zhang Tao

Four Russian Su-35 fighter jets were delivered to China on Dec. 25, ending speculations about the procurement of the aircraft, which had been delayed about two years, according to an article on, a news portal of the People’s Liberation Army.

Since the debut of the J-20 fighter at Zhuhai Airshow, procurement of the Su-35 fighter jets has gone quite smoothly. Some say this is the outcome of the close relationship between China and Russia. However, the latter did not change its stance on the exportation of the Su-35 until the J-20 fighter was unveiled. Russia believes that with the commissioning of the J-20, the Su-35 will soon lose its value in the Chinese market. That estimation is the reason for the smooth procurement.

Today, the construction of China's first independently developed aircraft carrier is in full swing, and the first carrier battle group has already begun training.

The article offered an old Chinese proverb: "One can only be independent when he is self-reliant.” The article further expressed hope that the Su-35 fighter jet is the last fighter imported by China.

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