Air force unveils military vehicle safety management website

China Military

BEIJING, Jan. 6 (ChinaMil) -- A website for the safety management of military vehicles of the PLA Air Force officially went online on January 1, 2017. The website is built and sponsored by the Transportation and Delivery Bureau under the Air Force's Logistics Department, it is the first website of this kind in the Chinese military.

A responsible officer of the Air Force's Registry of Military Vehicles told PLA Daily that the website serves as a online platform for publicity of policies and regulations, query of vehicle violation cases, vehicle safety management news release, specialty and professional exchanges. Apart from these, the tests of traffic regulations and position qualification can also be conducted on the website.

A total of twenty columns are offered on the website including those of risk warning, accident cases, vehicle violation notification, professional training, online examination, problem exposure, professional identification and business consultation.

The website, with the domain name of www.jcgl.kj, operates on the comprehensive information network of the Chinese PLA.


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