PLA makes headway in improving combat protective outfit system

China Military

Troops of a combat unit of the Army under the PLA's Western Theater Command, who are in combat protective outfits, are seen in field training at the snow-clad training range in early February, 2017.  ( Xiaobing)

BEIJING, Feb. 13 (ChinaMil) -- Soldiers of a combat unit under the Western Theater Command conducted test application of 26 types of new-generation combat protective outfits in the field training at the Karakoram Range in early February.

The 26 types of protective suits are divided into winter clothes and general-purpose combat protective outfits for Army troops.

The new gear tested by soldiers included combat boots, a convenient thermos, down-wadded winter coats, load carriers with waterproof liner and individual sleeping bags with a double-layer to meet the requirements for camping.

According to a leading officer from the Central Military Commission's Logistics Support Department, the People's Liberation Army's new-generation combat protective outfits include five different versions for the army, navy, air force, rocket force and special combat force, highlighting the functions of camouflage, protection and comfort.

From 2011 to 2015, the PLA troops have been equipped with more than 100 types of protective outfits, including camouflage uniforms for various environments such as the ocean, city, forest and snow field, mosquito and insect resistant outfits, identification and protective outfits for aircraft carrier deck crew and work clothes for submariners.



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