Angel or devil? US troops in Japan kill over 1,000 Japanese

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Huang Panyue

Residents in Okinawa, Japan, protest against the tyranny of the US troops stationed in Japan.

BEIJING, Feb. 16 (ChinaMil) -- Data from the Japan Ministry of Defense showed that there have been more than 210,000 criminal cases committed by the US soldiers stationed in Japan since the signing of the Security Treaty Between the United States and Japan in 1952, leading to more than 1,000 deaths, and Okinawa is the most severely afflicted area, said Shimbun Akahata, a daily newspaper of the Japanese Communist Party, on its website on February 15, 2017.

The Okinawa Times reported that areas around US military bases are prone to public security cases and the stationed US troops have become a heavy burden for Okinawa.

However, the Japanese government, out of its consideration for the so-called “overall situation” of Japan-US alliance, goes against the will of people who call for moving US military bases out of Okinawa, seething public discontent, said Shimbun Akahata.

At the request of a member from the House of Representatives of Japanese communist Party, the Japan Ministry of Defense made public the crime materials related to Japan-stationed US soldiers.

The data showed that from 1952 to the end of November 2016, Japan-stationed US soldiers have committed more than 210,000 criminal cases and caused the death of 1,092 Japanese.

The member cited those figures at the House Budget Committee of the House of Councilors of Japan on February 14, saying that “Okinawa suffers badly” and the problem must gain high attention.

He also criticized the US president Trump’s words of “thank (Japan) for hosting the US troops” after Japan-US summit talk recently.

He held that this attitude reminds people of the refrain of high-ranking US military officers when the US occupied Japan: “It is your (Japanese) sacrifice that secures the peace in the Far East,” which “legitimizes” the various incidents provoked by Japan-stationed US troops.

The data from the Ministry of Defense showed that the US troops in Japan have a serious problem of crime.

What’s more, the official statistics only include public cases that are submitted for trial and compensation claims based on the Article 18 in The Japan-US Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).

The criminal cases before 1952 during the US occupation of Japan and those in Okinawa before 1971 when the US handed over the administration power of Okinawa to Japan are not counted. Therefore, the actual data “may far exceed this figure”, reported Shimbun Akahata.

The Okinawa Times said the case in which a woman in Okinawa was raped and killed by a US soldier last April deteriorated the relations between the public and the US troops stationed in Japan.

In addition, the Japanese government went against the public's will and forced to move the Futenma military base to Henoko, refusing to “alleviate the burden” on Okinawa. This has made Okinawa residents deeply unhappy.

However, the exposure of the data from the Ministry of Defense will trigger a new round of discussions on the US troops stationed in Japan.

The article is written in Chinese characters by Yang Congyu and Lu Hao from the Global Times and edited and translated into English by the China Military.




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