PLA starts test and trial of "dog tags"

China Military
Zhang Tao

The ID tag integrates the functions of military support cards, e-casualty cards and identification for military personnel. It will be a crucial possession for the Chinese military service members both in peacetime and wartime.

BEIJING, Feb. 21 (ChinaMil) -- China's Central Military Commission (CMC) says, after an initial test by an army troop unit, a new ID tag (or dog tag) for Chinese military service members will be tested and put on trial in 13 troop units from the Navy, Air Force and Rocket Force.

With the approval of the CMC, the Chinese military launched the design and development of military personnel's identification tags in late 2013. "Integrating the functions of a military support card, e-casualty card and identification for military personnel, the ID tag will be a crucial possession for the Chinese military service members both in peacetime and wartime," an official with the CMC Logistic Support Department said.

The potential battlefield environments and the security needs of soldiers were taken into account when developing the new tags, which includes a main tag, passive and active auxiliary tags and a handset.

Using advanced and practical new materials and intelligent chip technology, the ID tags will be conducive to battlefield rescue and casualty search, and have new functions such as remains confirmation, bio-features identification and so forth.

The test and trial aim to verify the tactical and technical performance of the ID tag, such as its electromagnetic compatibility with weapons platforms, interconnection with the tactical communication system and peace and wartime logistic support systems, as well as its adaptability, reliability and security in different scenarios.

The test and trial will also examine its ways and occasions for wearability; applications in troop management, combat readiness training, logistic supply; as well as the search and rescue functions for different troops.

In addition, the manufacture and distribution of ID tags, management of use, application for renewal, replacement or cancellation will also be verified during the test and trial, so as to provide basis for formulating management and application standards of new ID tags.

The next step for the CMC will be to collect and analyze the test and trial data and make improvements to the ID tags before it is rolled out to the whole military.


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