PLA upgrades oxygen supply installments for plateau troops

China Military

BEIJING, March 14 (ChinaMil) -- The PLA has completed the hardware construction of an oxygen production and supply project for troop stationed in the Qinghai-Tibet plateau and Pamir plateau regions.

In this project, 800-plus troop units have been equipped with 165 oxygen generation stations, eight hyperbaric oxygen chambers, 12 plateau oxygen trucks, 4,807 small oxygen generators and 6,830 oxygen cylinders, PLA Daily reported on Monday.

The Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission (CMC) has made a plan to ensure effective and good management and maintenance of the oxygen production installments. According to the plan, an integrated military-civilian maintenance network and spare parts supply channels will be set up.

The oxygen production-supply integrated support will be incorporated into the joint operation system of PLA's plateau troops. Oxygen supply facilities are available by the bedside of individual soldiers, and the mobile and base support of oxygen supply are available for troops in training. The full-process oxygen supply mode in wartime is on a trial basis now.

"A total of 12 joint maintenance points have been set up with technical staff coming from both military and civilian units," said an official of the Health Bureau under the CMC's Logistics Support Department.



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