46 military officers punished for discipline violations

Yao Jianing

BEIJING, March 22 (Xinhua) -- Altogether 46 people have been punished for their involvement in 10 cases of disciplinary violations, China's military inspectors said on Wednesday.

These violations include false reimbursement, using public funds to treat personal guests, receptions and feasts exceeding set standards, and official cars used for private purposes, among others, according to a report of the discipline agency under the Central Military Commission.

Nineteen officers, who were not directly involved in these cases, have been punished for failing to effectively oversee their subordinates.

The cases were spotted by military inspectors during the New Year and Spring Festival season.

The cases showed that some Communist Party of China officials did not show restraint, despite the country's campaign to curb official decadence and extravagance, the disciplinary agency said, vowing intensified inspections and penalties in the future.

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