China's naval fleet drills in Western Pacific

Huang Panyue

WESTERN PACIFIC, April 27 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese naval fleet sailed through the Miyako Strait and carried out drills in the waters here Thursday.

The drills involved exercises in communication, fleet formation changes, joint search-and-rescue operation and joint anti-piracy operation.

The drills are aimed at innovating methods of far-sea training and improving emergency response capabilities, said Chen Denan, chief of staff of the Chinese fleet.

"The drills are about enhancing communication and mutual trust, conveying a message of peace and friendship, and helping the fleet adapt to the demands of diversified military tasks," said Chen.

Commander of the fleet Shen Hao told Xinhua that, with a broader perspective, a more open attitude and a more forward-looking vision, the Chinese fleet will seize the opportunity to exchange experiences with the naval forces of other countries so as to learn from them and ensure the drills are fruitful.

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