Chinese, French naval ships hold joint drill in east China sea

China Military
Huang Panyue

EAST CHINA SEA, May 8 (ChinaMil) --The guided-missile frigate Zhuzhou (Hull 594) of the Chinese PLA Navy and the La Fayette-class multipurpose stealth frigate Courbet (F712) of the French Navy held a joint drill in the East China Sea on the noon of May 4, 2017, after the French ship completed its 7-day port call in Shanghai.

The joint drill includes such major training subjects as visit, board, search and seizure (VBSS) and replenishment-at-sea training, and so on.

Before the drill, the two sides held a joint coordinating meeting and desktop deduction. And during the drill, two military observers from each side were dispatched to the warship of the other side for observation.

During the drill on visit, board, search and seizure (VBSS) which started at 12:50 on that day, the Chinese and French sailors with well-trained competence, skillful movement and close cooperation have showcased their very high professional accomplishment. After the VBSS training, the two sides held the joint training on replenishment-at-sea .

Before the completion of the over five-hour drill, the Chinese and French naval ships said goodbye to each other in their counterpart's mother tongues through very high frequency (VHF) radio communication.

The commander of the French frigate Courbet also said “Thanks” in Chinese language to the Chinese navy.

“The drill has not only enhanced the exchange and cooperation between the Chinese and French navies, but also exhibited Chinese PLA Navy's opening, self-confident, transparent and cooperative spirits,” said Kong Bin, commander of the guided-missile frigate Zhuzhou.

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