Chinese peacekeepers amaze UNAMID with "China Speed"

China Military
Yao Jianing

Chinese peacekeeping engineers build prefabricated houses in Graida, Sudan, April 25, 2017. ( Haotian)

BEIJING, May 22 (ChinaMil) -- After completing the engineering tasks assigned by the United Nations African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) in Graida, 66 peacekeepers of the 13th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment to Sudan's Darfur returned to their base camp in Nyala safely on May 16.

In mid-April, the 13th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment to Sudan's Darfur sent 66 engineers and 12 machines to Graida to make a facelift of the barracks of the UNAMID forces stationed there.

Graida is about 50 kilometers away from Nyala. Wang Xing, head of the Chinese engineer detachment, said the Chinese engineers had to pass through several areas controlled by local militants on their way from Nyala to Graida. In addition, their construction site in Graida saw "two raids on civilians by militants and an inter-tribal skirmish in the past month, causing about 40 casualties".

Besides serious security risks, the construction period was also short. The Darfur region was soon to enter the rainy season and the rainfall could destroy the defense facilities surrounding the UNAMID camp in Graida which had been worn down by the years without repair, making the camp especially vulnerable to militants and beasts. That might incur unimaginable consequences.

On the construction site, the temperatures frequently exceeded 50 degrees Celsius, the Chinese peacekeepers kept working nearly 10 hours a day in the scorching sun and amid dusts.

In this way, they only spent just 28 days completing their work in Graida, while the construction period scheduled by UNAMID was two and a half months. In the 28 days, the 66 Chinese engineers upgraded a 1,500-meter fence of sandboxes, and built more than 20 boarding houses and three sewage sumps.

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