Chinese peacekeepers, South Sudanese government forces jointly arrest illegal militants

China Military
Yao Jianing

JUBA, June 7 (ChinaMil) -- Under the coordination of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and the South Sudanese government, the 3rd Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion to South Sudan and South Sudanese government forces carried out a joint action in Juba to arrest illegal militants in early June, 2017. It is the first time that the two sides carried out a joint mission.

Attacks and robbery targeting UN personnel and local civilians have taken place frequently near an asylum in Juba since late May in 2017, posing a serious security threat. Intelligence showed that an illegal armed group was hiding out in the bushes north of the asylum.

After nearly two hours of joint inspection, the Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion and South Sudanese government forces arrested several suspects.

"Chinese soldiers demonstrated commendable professionalism in the joint action, and this action set an example for the cooperation between the UNMISS and South Sudanese government forces," said the commander of the UNMISS southern theater who was in charge of the joint action.

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