Mobile games becoming challenge for Chinese army

Zhang Tao

Mobile-based online games are said to be creating new challenges for military officials in China, reports the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Daily.

The issue came to the forefront in March after an engineer in the PLA's strategic rocket forces admitted to being addicted to mobile games while on duty.

The engineer was immersed in online games when one of his supervisors rang-in to check-up on him.

"Obsessions with mobile games can not only affect work performances, health and mental capacity, but may also impact communication between officers and soldiers," said Ye Xiong, the director of the rocket force's Political Affairs Department.

It's being suggested mobile game playing should be banned in the military.

However, a survey among PLA soldiers and officers has found that only 26% of them agree.

Those surveyed have suggested the online games can actually help in team building.

Wang Lin, with the PLA Air Force's at Southern Theatre, provided an explanation to the PLA Daily, after discovering that one of his soldiers was addicted to mobile games.

"I applied an account, and often shared tips on how to win the game with that soldier. Gradually, he overcame his fear of social interaction. We eventually became close friends, both online and off-line," said Wang Lin.

The same survey has also found that 64% of soldiers asked say they believe playing mobile games has benefits, including helping learn how to cope with pressure, increasing ties among fellow soldiers, enhancing mental clarity and building up team work.

"Mobile games are a fact of life for the younger generation. We should be embracing this, instead of repressing it. Through the proper guidance, soldiers are more effective if they're able to find a balance between work and play," a military official is being quoted by the PLA Daily.


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