Chinese peacekeepers to S. Sudan rescue wounded Bangladeshi counterpart

China Military Online
Huang Panyue

By Zhou Mengliang, Jin Yanfeng

JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN, June 15 (ChinaMil) -- A wounded soldier of the Bangladeshi peacekeeping engineer detachment to South Sudan got timely first aid given by a doctor of the 3rd Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion to South Sudan days ago and his condition has become stable.

The wounded Bangladeshi engineer was crushed by a bulldozer while he was working at a construction site, and he found his left ankle fractured with local massive bleeding. Because of the critical situation, the Bangladeshi detachment immediately asked the Chinese infantry battalion for help.

As soon as arriving at the scene, Liu Xuewu, a military doctor of the Chinese battalion, wasted no time to offer first aid to the injured Bangladeshi peacekeeper, stopping bleeding, bandaging and fixing the fractured ankle.

Upon the request of the commanding officer of the Bangladeshi detachment, the Chinese battalion dispatched two assault vehicles to send the injured Bangladeshi peacekeeper to the UNMISS level-II hospital, which is more than 100 kilometers away, for further medical treatment.

Despite of the bumpy and muddy roads caused by frequent rainfalls in the rainy season in South Sudan, the Chinese peacekeepers driving the two assault vehicles sent the injured Bangladeshi peacekeeper to the hospital one hour ahead of the scheduled time.

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