China donates military equipment to Serbia

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Huang Panyue


Source: Defence Blog

China donated to Serbia military equipment worth 900,000 euros (1 million U.S. dollars).

After the tour of the donated assets displayed at the training area of the barracks, Minister Đorđević and Ambassador Li Manchang signed the Transfer Certificate.

President Vučić pointed out that this was a significant donation for the Serbian Armed Forces, part of which will go to the Special Brigade and the rest to the River Flotilla.

– There are also boats that can be used on all rivers for humanitarian or combat purposes. Such are snowmobiles for the transport of sniper pairs, but also for the transport of ammunition, equipment and food and everything else that is necessary. As I was explained here, during the tour, detectors for explosives and drugs are perfectly precise and the error can be only one percent – President Vučić said.


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