Updated Yuanwang-3 space tracking ship fully prepared for new expeditions

China Military Online
Huang Panyue

ZHOUSHAN, June 28 (ChinaMil) -- Chinea's space tracking ship Yuanwang-3 has completed its one-year-long intermediate maintenance in Shanghai and is scheduled to set sail for new missions in late July.

The Yuanwang-3 was commissioned on May 18, 1995, and after more than twenty years' service, the ship had been faced with increasingly serious problems of ageing equipment and rising occurrence of malfunctions.

The ship underwent the first intermediate maintenance with technological renovations in 2006, and ten years later, it embraced an intermediate maintenance of this kind once again at the Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai on 3rd of July, 2016.

Acting Captain Ni Liuguo of the Yuanwang-3 told PLA Daily that the special equipment systems on the ship have been upgraded, in particular, the ship-borne highest frequency monitoring and control system, which has been newly put into use in China, will make the ship's tracking and control capability even greater.

The Yuanwang-3 will set sail in late July to perform six maritime tracking missions for the Chang'e 5 lunar probe and Beidou-3 navigation satellites.

Yuanwang-3 has completed 43 expeditions to the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean with a total voyage of 58 million sea miles. The ship has accomplished 67 maritime tracking tasks for China's manned space program, the Chinese lunar exploration program (CLEP, also known as the Chang'e program), and the Beidou navigation satellite system (BDS) and so on.


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