Hong Kong residents queue overnight for aircraft carrier visit tickets

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Residents queue up on July 3 for free tickets to see the aircraft carrier Liaoning in Hong Kong. Many local residents have camped out overnight for a ticket. Photo: Xinhua

By Chen Ran

HONG KONG, July 6 (ChinaMil) -- China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning will make a five-day port call at Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) starting July 7 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to its motherland.

The PLA(People's Liberation Army) Hong Kong Garrison issued the free tickets for visiting the aircraft carrier Liaoning on July 3, and hundreds of Hong Kong residents lined up on Monday for a tour of the aircraft carrier Liaoning, which will be open to the public from July 8 to 9, 2017.

The 2,000 free tickets for visiting aircraft carrier Liaoning were distributed at three locations in Hong Kong on July 3 and only permanent Hong Kong residents can claim the ticket.

Some residents started to queue out of the east gate of Central Barracks at 22:00 on July 2. By midnight of that day, more than 50 were queuing.

Soldiers from the Central Barracks of the PLA Hong Kong Garrison started to distribute the visit tickets on the morning of July 3 and the 800 tickets were all distributed within three hours. Around 300 queuing residents failed to get the tickets. Tickets were also distributed out at the other two locations on the morning of July 3.

Some queuing residents who failed to get the tickets said disappointedly that it is a rare opportunity to have Liaoning ship berthed at Hong Kong and hoped that more free tickets for visiting the ship could be arranged. “We can celebrate the birthday of Hong Kong together and feel the power of our nation,” said one of them.

Mr Zhang who queued on the early morning of July 3 said that the first aircraft carrier of China is the pride of all Chinese and he hoped to catch a glimpse of the ship.

Ms Xiao who joined the queue after finishing her work at the midnight of July 2 said that the Liaoning ship represented the rise of the PLA Navy, and she hoped to visit the ship together with her 14-year-old son to witness the arrival of China's first aircraft carrier in Hong Kong, “Queuing overnight is worth it,” she commented.

Jiang Bo, spokesman for the PLA Hong Kong Garrison, expressed that he was not worried about ticket speculation, because tickets are claimed by real name and are not allowed to be transferred. Visitors will also be requested to register their names and ID card numbers before boarding the ship for visit.

It is learned that visitors are not allowed to bring any photography equipment, food, drinks or dangerous items onto the ship. Apart from military reporters with the ship, the activity does not open to other media.

A local resident displays her tickets on July 3 for a tour of the aircraft carrier Liaoning. Photo: Xinhua


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