Chinese multifunction folded spade goes viral on YouTube: Anything is possible!

People's Daily Online

Uploaded in 2009, a YouTube video demonstrating a Chinese multifunction folded spade, which seems to have unlimited possibilities, has recently racked up thousands of views on YouTube.


Apart from basic functions, such as acting as a shovel, digger, pick, and shaver, it can also be used as a saw to cut tubes made of plastic, iron, or steel; a hammer to drive in or pull out nails and to tighten or cut iron wires; a weapon; a shield; an anchor; an oar; even its handle can be used as a ruler.

Of course, since the spade comes from a nation with great food, it naturally has cooking related functions too. It can be used as a bottle/can opener, a pan, and a sharp knife that is able to slice potatoes.

Here is what some foreign netizens say about it: “Drop me on a deserted island with one of these, I could survive : D”; “World best video ever. Y need only a shovel to conquer the world”; “They should make a full-length film about it”; “How do I join the Chinese military?”

The multifunction folded spade in the video was developed for soldiers. Some 268 processes and 48 inspections are required to guarantee its quality during production.

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