China's territorial sovereignty brooks no invasion

China Military Online

By Jun Sheng

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued on August 2 the document Facts and China's Position Concerning the Indian Border Troops' Crossing of the China-India Boundary in the Sikkim Sector into the Chinese Territory. By the end of July, there were still over 40 Indian border troops and one bulldozer illegally remaining in the Chinese territory.

This incident occurred on the Chinese side of the already delimited China-India boundary in the Sikkim Sector. It is not a territorial dispute and is fundamentally different from past frictions between border troops of the two countries in areas where the boundary has not been delimited yet. To deal with the situation, Chinese border troops have taken contingency responding measures on the spot and will further intensify targeted measures.

Since the incident broke out, the Indian side has invented various untenable excuses to justify its illegal action of intruding into Chinese territory and refused to correct its mistakes. But lies are lies. Its arguments have no factual or legal grounds and are simply untenable. The vicious action by India should make all peace-loving people in the world alert. India used a so-called "security concern" as an excuse to illegally trespass the boundary and intrude into Chinese territory and threaten China with it. Such behavior is not only a grave challenge to regional peace and stability, but is also expressly prohibited by the UN Charter, the basic principles of international law and the basic norms governing international relations. No such attempt will be tolerated by any sovereign state, still less should it be the normal way of development of relations between China and India as two neighboring countries.

It must be pointed out that China is sincere in developing friendly relations with India. Since the incident broke out, China has shown utmost goodwill and great restraint and sought to communicate with India through diplomatic channels to resolve the incident and demanded the immediate withdrawal of the trespassing Indian border troops back to the Indian side of the boundary. However, the Indian side has made up all kinds of excuses in the attempt to confound right and wrong and smear the Chinese side. Up to now, India's border troops remain illegally staying in Chinese territory. This is intolerable.

The Chinese government will not back down on the issue concerning territorial sovereignty. No country should ever underestimate our resolve to defend China's territorial sovereignty. We demand the Indian side respect the historical convention on the boundary delineation, immediately withdraw the trespassing border troops, and thoroughly investigate the incident. China's position on issues of territorial sovereignty is unshakable. India should not count on luck or cherish any unrealistic illusions.

History moves on and only those who follow it will thrive. In today's world, peace and development are the themes of the times. We hope India can see the general situation clearly, say and do more that's conducive to peaceful co-existence, and contribute to the peaceful development of itself, its neighbors, the region and the world at large, not the opposite.

China is making progress in leaps and bounds today. We are fully aware that on the historical journey of the Chinese nation toward great rejuvenation, difficulties and trouble are inevitable, so we will do as always our best to achieve that goal. We also know that no matter how developed China is, a strong nation must be backed by a mighty armed forces. Realizing the goal of a strong military, building a world-class armed forces and defending China's territorial sovereignty and national security is the unchanging commitment of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Chinese people love peace. We will never pursue aggressive expansion, but we are confident of defeating all external aggression.

Just as what Chinese President Xi Jinping said, "We will not allow anyone, any organization, any party to separate any part of Chinese territory at any time in any form. No one should expect us to swallow the bitter fruit of damaging our sovereignty, security and development interests." The PLA will, as it always does, resolutely safeguard China's national sovereignty, security and development interests and resolutely protect regional and world peace.

As a strong pillar of the nation, the PLA is obligated and devoted to safeguarding our territory. We don't want an inch that is not ours, and we won't give up an inch that belongs to us. Whether it was half a century ago or present day or in the future, the PLA has always been and will always be the brave and battle-wise iron wall that follows the command of the Party, with its crack troops fully prepared when summoned and capable of fighting and able to win when engaged in war.


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