Chinese naval hospital ship heads to Gulf of Aden, wrapping up visit to Sri Lanka

China Military Online
Li Jiayao

COLOMBO, Aug. 10 (ChinaMil) -- Chinese PLA Navy's hospital ship Peace Ark left Colombo, Sri Lanka for Gulf of Aden on the morning of August 9, local time.

During the three-day visit to Sri Lanka, military doctors working in the ship-based hospital on the Peace Ark gave professional lectures to medical personnel of the Sri Lanka Navy, conduct teaching demonstration of medical service commanding and treatment process, as well as Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment techniques for cadets of the Medical School in General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University (KDU).

The Chinese naval hospital ship also received Sri Lankan military and government personnel, local residents, working staff of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka and Chinese-funded institutions, as well as overseas Chinese for visit and medical treatment.

The two navies also carried out a joint humanitarian medical rescue drill.

Rear Admiral Guan Bailin, deputy chief of staff of the PLA Navy's East China Sea Fleet and commanding officer of the "Harmonious Mission-2017", called on Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne.

Sri Lanka and China share a long history of friendly exchange, which can be traced back to the voyages of Zheng He to the Western seas 600 years ago, Wijegunaratne said.

The Chinese naval hospital ship provides free medical treatment for the military personnel and civilians of Sri Lanka, the medical doctors on the ship also held professional exchange with the Sri Lankan military medical staff, he added.

The Peace Ark is expected to arrive in Gulf of Aden on August 17 to meet with the Chinese naval escort fleet.


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