Stride-2017•Zhurihe military drill kicks off

China Military Online

SHENYANG, Aug. 25 (ChinaMil) -- A brigade of the 80th Combined Corps of the PLA Army held a pep rally at a training range in west Liaoning province on the morning of August 23, kicking off the Stride-2017•Zhurihe base training exercise .

It is the second training exercise of this kind organized by the PLA Army within one week following the Firepower-2017•Shandan exercise, which was launched by an air defense brigade of the 79th Combined Corps at a training range in south Liaoning on August 19.

Stride-2017•Zhurihe is one of the four brigade-level base training exercises directly organized by the PLA Army this year designed to accelerate construction of the new training system of the PLA Army troops after the organizational reform of grass-roots units of the PLA.

The brigade, with a glorious history of winning tough battles since its founding in 1937, is the crack troop unit of the PLA Army and equipped with the newest type of wheeled infantry combat vehicles and armored assault vehicles.



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