Nigerian military targets Boko Haram's major hideout in airstrike

Li Jiayao

A recent airstrike by the Nigerian military hit a building which housed terror group Boko Haram fighters in the northeastern state of Borno, a spokesman said on Monday.

Tokunbo Adesanya, a spokesman for the Nigerian Air Force, said an unknown number of the terrorists were believed to have been killed in the airstrike last Thursday.

The targeted structure, a known location with significant Boko Haram fighters' presence at the northern fringes of Borno, bordering Lake Chad, went up in flames, according to Adesanya.

He said the air force, in furtherance of air interdiction on structures suspected to be housing Boko Haram fighters, had detailed two aircraft to carry out the airstrike.

The military is working to further degrade the capability of the terror group, thereby preventing them from regrouping to cause more havoc, Adesanya said.


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