2nd stage of Joint Sea-2017 naval drill enters coastal phase

China Military Online
Huang Panyue

VLADIVOSTOK, RUSSIA, Sept. 20 (ChinaMil) -- The joint command headquarters of the China-Russia Joint Sea-2017 exercise assigned combat tasks to the naval task groups of both sides on Sept. 19, the coastal phase of the second stage of the joint exercise taking place in Vladivostok.

A Chinese naval officer named Wang Xiaogang working at the joint command headquarters said that due to the good cooperation in the Joint Sea exercises having been held in six consecutive years since 2012, the interoperability between the two navies have reached a higher level in terms of understanding of missions, formulation of operational plans and use of forces.

The Chinese and Russian vessels participating in the exercise will form two mixed maritime tactical groups according to the exercise subjects.

The first group includes the commanding ship - Russian navy's anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs, the Russian naval rescue ship Igor Belousov, and the Chinese naval guided-missile destroyer Shijiazhuang.

The second group includes Chinese navy's guided-missile frigate Daqing and the comprehensive supply ship Dongpinghu, as well as the cruiser Varyag of the Russian navy. China's frigate Daqing will act as the commanding ship of the group.

The Chinese submarine rescue ship Changdao will participate in the maritime rescue drill with the Russian navy's rescue ship Igor Belousov under the theme of "rescuing the bottom-sitting submarine in distress". In the drill, sailors from the two navies will drive deep submergence rescue vehicles to conduct deep submergence rescue operations.

The maritime phase will be held on September 22-26 in waters of the Japanese Sea and the southern part of the Okhotsk Sea.


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