Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment to Congo (K) passes UN combat-readiness assessment

China Military Online
Huang Panyue

CONGO (K), Oct. 11 (ChinaMil) -- The 21st Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment to the Congo (K) passed the United Nations' combat-readiness assessment on equipment on Oct 10, local time.

This is the first time for the 21st Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment to receive the UN equipment assessment after being deployed in its mission areas.

During the two weeks after arriving in its mission areas since mid-September, the Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment has performed many duties, including humanitarian aids to local people, treatment for the wounded Pakistani peacekeepers and rescue of the wounded personnel from a China-funded company in Congo (K).

The high utilization rate of the detachment’s equipment, vehicles and medical apparatuses and the high consumption of its medicines and consumable materials all led to greater challenges to the detachment's preparation work for receiving the UN's equipment assessment.

Passing the UN assessment is of great importance to the image of China and its military.

To ensure its equipment can pass the UN assessment at high standards, the Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment carried out in advance many self-assessments on all its facilities, medical apparatuses, equipment and vehicles in accordance to the UN equipment assessment list.

The detachment repaired equipment that were damaged, eliminated many potential hazards in a timely manner, just to ensure that all its equipment were in good condition.


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