Chinese naval escort fleet sets out for home after wrapping up visit to France

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Li Jiayao
The guided missile frigate Yangzhou (Hull 578) of the 26th Chinese naval escort taskforce departs from a naval port in Toulon, southern France, October 18, 2017. ( Jian)

TOULON, France, Oct. 20 (ChinaMil) -- The 26th Chinese naval escort taskforce consisting of the guided missile frigates Huanggang (Hull 577) and Yangzhou (Hull 578) as well as the comprehensive supply ship Gaoyouhu (Hull 966), departed on Wednesday morning from a naval port in Toulon of southern France to embark on its voyage back to China after completing its four-day friendly visit to France, the last leg of its visit to four European countries.

During the visit in France, Rear Admiral Wang Zhongcai, commanding officer of the taskforce, called on relevant leading officials of the French Navy and briefed them on Chinese naval escort taskforce' s mission in the Gulf of Aden and the waters off Somali coast, and had in-depth exchanges on strengthening understanding, mutual trust and cooperation between the two navies.

In addition, the Chinese and French naval soldiers visited each other' s ships and held friendly soccer matches.

After departing from the naval port in Toulon, the three Chinese naval ships conducted a passage drill with French Navy's destroyer Chevalier Paul (D621) in waters of the Mediterranean Sea, in which the four warships exercised communication, ship formation movement, replenishment at sea and joint anti-piracy operations. During the drill, the two sides dispatched personnel to each other' s ships to have whole-process observation of the drill.

By Lin Jian

Local overseas Chinese and Chinese nationals in France see off the 26th Chinese naval escort taskforce at the naval port in Toulon of southern France on Oct 18, 2017. (mod. gov. cn/ Lin Jian)

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